Apartment Security Systems

Apartment Security Installation and Monitoring

Security Alarm Systems of Virginia is a local, family-owned security company that provides professional, experienced security for apartments, with personal and prompt customer service. We have years of experience in the security industry providing systems for businesses, and large properties in Virginia. Serving both individual renters and providing whole-building systems, we offer pro installation at a reasonable installation fee, and cutting edge technology, security cameras and safety features.

Services We Provide

We offer not only the best home security equipment, but effective apartment security setups, too. From professional installation of door sensors, window sensors, motion detectors, and outdoor/indoor cameras to the professional monitoring of your entire system, we are there to make sure every apartment renter feels secure.

With features like a professional monitoring service, instant alerts, customizable control panel, and instant alarm-response—you’ll feel safe, secure, and in good hands with us. Our emergency dispatchers are trained professionals who communicate directly with emergency services to make sure you get help immediately.

Beyond Home Security

Apartment dwellers have other safety concerns beyond theft and trespassers. State-of-the-art fire safety, automated lights, and smart locks are all systems we offer and can provide extra value to tenants. Our fire alarm system includes smoke detectors, heat detectors, and more to help keep residents safe in the event of a fire. Automated lights help save money on electricity and also make sure residents always have light when they need it. Smart door locks and home automation ensure that even when you forget your key, you have a way in.

Wireless or Hard-wired Systems

Professional Installer of Wired and Wireless Systems

We offer both wired and wireless systems! Wireless sensors are a great option for a more advanced system that can be easily customized. It also has the added bonus of not having messy wires or cables!

Our hard-wired systems are the best option for a more traditional setup. These systems are directly wired-in to your control panels and sensors.

Video Surveillance (indoor/outdoor)

Pro Equipment for Larger Properties

Video surveillance is a core feature of all the best home security systems. A security camera can come with night vision capabilities, motion sensor activation, be used to check who is at the door, and have a log of video recordings for insurance purposes. Monitor your property both inside and out! Videos are also stored on our secure servers so that you can access them at any time.

Access Control
(gates and doors)

Security for Gates, Doors, and Windows

Controlling who is allowed in is a major element in apartment security. Everybody knows the buzzer system, but what if you want something newer and more secure? Our apartment building security systems offer many options to promote renter safety and ease of access to tenants. Give us a call to go over the options for your apartment building today!

Smart Home Security System

Home Automation and Smart Device Integration

When you’re away from your apartment, you still want to keep an eye on things. That is why our smart home systems can be integrated with your smart devices. See who is requesting access, and control your home security systems from afar. You’ll have the convenience of managing your apartment security system with the touch of a button.

More Apartment Building Services

Fire Alarms

A professionally installed fire alarm system is a crucial part of any good security system. Our advanced system options have heat detectors, smoke alarms, monitoring, and other features to keep residents safe.

System Upgrades

Are your current home security systems not keeping up with the times? Upgrade to a new, professionally-installed home security system from us that can meet all of your needs! We offer a variety of professional system upgrades, like motion sensors, video doorbells, glass break sensors, and options that integrate with smart home devices.


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