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Commercial Security Systems, Virginia

We provide comprehensive security solutions for commercial buildings of all sizes. Our team of professional technicians will work with you to create a custom security solution that meets your needs and budget. We ensure effective security by creating a system tailored to your property and situation, using the best equipment on the market. Our systems are reliable and easy to use. We offer our security services 24 hours a day, seven days a week – even holidays – for all your needs.

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Commercial Security System Services


Access Control Systems

The most common integration to any security system, access control, is designed to monitor entry and exit points of the facility. Once an authorized person enters through a given point, our systems can automatically unlock doors or turn on lights for you as they open.

Integrated Video Surveillance Systems

By pairing a video commercial surveillance system with access control technology, we can offer clients a complete view of activity in and around their facility. This system gives business owners the ability to see who is coming and going and monitor areas that may be sensitive or off-limits.

Intrusion Detection Systems

If an unauthorized person does gain access to your property, our intrusion detection systems will sound an alarm, alerting you to the issue. We also offer silent alarm system options for businesses that discreetly notify authorities of a security breach.

Our technicians can design a custom solution using digital keypads and card readers for systems that require more complex access control.

Digital keypads are a convenient way to enter a facility without carrying a card around, and card readers provide an extra layer of security by verifying the legitimacy of an access request.

Digital Keypads and Card Readers

Emergency Exit Lights and Alarms

In an emergency, it is critical that people can safely and quickly evacuate the building. That’s why we install emergency exit lights and alarms to help guide people to safety and sound a notice in the event of a fire or other emergency.

Alarm Monitoring and Response

Our alarm monitoring service provides a central dispatch for your security system. We can even set up an account with local law enforcement to ensure that in an emergency, the right people are called and no time is wasted.

FDNY-Approved Devices (Fire extinguishers, Fire sprinklers, Smoke Detectors)

In addition to our standard security services, we also offer FDNY-approved devices that can help business owners prepare for and respond to potential fires. Employee safety is always our top priority, and these devices can help minimize the damage that a fire could cause.

We install fire extinguishers, fire sprinklers, and smoke detectors for clients looking to protect their property from the threat of fires.

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