Video monitoring is a security service that transforms passive camera systems into proactive defense mechanisms. Using AI and advanced analytics in the cloud, this technology enables cameras to actively monitor environments for potential threats. For example, when AI detects unusual activity, like someone crossing a virtual boundary, it alerts a human agent at a remote monitoring center. The agent then assesses the situation in real-time. They have several response options: issuing a verbal warning through two-way communication, which can deter the intruder, or dispatching authorities if a crime is in progress. This immediate response is a significant step forward from traditional CCTV systems, which only offer recordings of events after they have occurred. By actively intervening, video monitoring services can prevent incidents, rather than just record them, offering a more effective form of security. Implementing a true video monitoring solution at your business can revolutionize your security. In this article, we discuss the top three industries that benefit from video monitoring. Not sure what video montioring is? Check out our blog post providing a detailed analysis of how it works here.

Video Monitoring in Dealerships

Auto dealerships are prime candidates for video monitoring services due to the high value of their inventory. Typically, dealerships already employ CCTV systems to record activity on the lot, but these are often passive and do not prevent crimes as they happen. By integrating video monitoring, dealerships can have trained agents monitor their property during off-hours, which is when they are most vulnerable to theft and vandalism. These agents can quickly identify suspicious behavior, such as someone attempting to break into a vehicle, and take immediate action by issuing warnings or notifying the police. This proactive approach not only helps protect the valuable inventory but also serves as a strong deterrent to potential criminals. Moreover, the presence of video monitoring can potentially reduce insurance premiums, adding another layer of financial benefit for dealerships.

Construction Sites and Video Monitoring

Construction sites are often temporary and exposed, making them a target for theft and vandalism, particularly when it comes to valuable assets such as machinery, tools, and materials. Traditional security measures like hiring night guards can be costly and are not always effective. Video monitoring offers a more efficient solution. With cameras strategically placed around the site, video monitoring services can keep an eye on every corner, day and night. The presence of AI technology means that unusual activity can be detected instantly, and the monitoring center can be alerted to intervene before a crime takes place. This not only secures the assets but also ensures the safety of the site for workers. The cost savings over hiring physical guards are significant, and the added security can contribute to the smooth and uninterrupted progress of construction projects.


Protecting Schools and Daycares with Video Monitoring

Schools and daycares are environments where the safety of children is paramount. These institutions are increasingly turning to video monitoring to enhance their security measures. AI-driven video analytics can monitor for specific threats, such as unauthorized access or the presence of firearms. The system’s ability to alert a monitoring center immediately upon detection of such threats can be invaluable in preventing potential dangers. Agents can then review the situation in real-time and dispatch the appropriate authorities if necessary. This swift response is crucial in environments with children, where every second counts. Moreover, the mere presence of video monitoring can act as a deterrent to potential intruders. For parents and school officials, the added layer of security provides peace of mind, knowing that the children are under vigilant protection that supplements the efforts of on-site staff.