Westover Park is a Great Place to Relax in Harrisonburg, VA

Westover Park is a great place to relax in Harrisonburg, VA. Westover Park is located at the intersection of Westover Avenue and Westmoreland Street in downtown Harrisonburg, VA. This park offers a playground for kids, a tennis court, and plenty of space to sit back and enjoy your surroundings. Westover Park is also home to one of Harrisonburg West Over House (circa 1820). Westover Park is a beautiful location to unwind in Harrisonburg, VA Westover park has a lot of entertaining things for the entire family. Smith Creek offers fishing and playgrounds for youngsters of all ages and baseball fields, tennis courts, and running/biking trails. Learn more here.

Picnic areas with grills available by reservation only are also open at Westover Park on Fridays, where local food trucks congregate every week to provide you with some great meals while enjoying your time outside Westover Park. Westover park also has a large playground for the children and picnic pavilions where you can take your lunch! Westover Park is undoubtedly an ideal place to relax in Harrisonburg, VA.  West over Park is a great place to relax in Harrisonburg, VA. In addition, Westover park has picnic tables for large groups. Westover Park is located near many restaurants. Learn more about Harrisonburg Farmers Market: Fresh Produce, Wares and Services in Harrisonburg, VA.